inally the second version of my site about the island of Gozo has been launched. While hoping that you like the new layout, please note that new features and stuff has been added. The merit goes all to those who visited my site and gave me their piont of view, suggestions and ideas of what they would like to see and know more about, in relation to the Maltese Islands especially the island of Gozo.

For those who are visiting this site for the first time, I welcome you to 'my paradise'. The aim of this site is to give you information and a closer look on the Maltese Islands focusing mainly on the island I am from, that is the island of Gozo, which in my opinion is the 'Pearl of Europe'. The idea of this site came up after a good number of people I chatted with from other countries over the net, didn't know where Malta was, but mostly the island of Gozo. To this I wasn't surprised, since the Maltese archipelago is very small compared to other countries that even in some maps; you aren't able to find us. Today, I can say that my target has been reached as the feedback I received confirms it.

The information you'll find in here consists of a brief historical view about both Malta and Gozo, general knowledge, photos, artistic impressions and illustrations etc. There are also links that takes you to Malta's government official sites, local news rooms, full weather forecast, currency conversions and more.
For the taste morsel's, and those who like trying other foods, there are some of my wife's collection of delicious gozitan recipes (which I'm increasing gradually when I have time), other maltese traditional recipes and also international ones. In this respect, if you wish to send me your own recipes that you wish to share with my visitors, please do so, and I'll be glad to add them in.

If you need further info, you can contact me by e-mail, to which I'll be glad to reply in the best way I can as already did to those who asked. I appreciate also suggestions on how to improve this site or what you think should be added. To chat with me live (when I'm available) use the service available in the 'Contact' page.

Finally, I hope you'll enjoy this trip and mostly that you will find this site useful enough to bookmark it and also share it with others (both links available below for your convenience), which will make my work more worth it. Before you leave, I would be grateful if you could sign my guestbook through the page provided.

As this site will be updated, I hope to welcome you again and maybe for a visit to my country also.


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